Your child will be grouped in ‘bubbles’, according to government guidelines. Each bubble will be allocated a designated area & equipment for the day and they will not mix with other bubbles. We will maintain the same bubbles, as far as is possible, throughout the week.

Children will be grouped in bubbles of 10-15.

Please do email or call to request if you would like your child to be with certain friends. However, to allow us to create bubbles in line with government guidelines, children will be grouped based on their ages. We will do our best to fulfill your request, but we cannot guarantee this will happen.

To avoid disappointment, we would like to remind you that bubbles will not mix with other bubbles throughout the day.

  • Please do not send your child in if they are unwell or showing any symptoms of COVID-19, including a fever or high temperature; a new and continuous cough or a loss or change of smell or taste. Please stay at home and visit for further information and advice on how to get tested.
  • If your child becomes ill or show symptoms of COVID-19 whilst in our care, you will be informed as soon as possible and asked to collect your child. Your child will be isolated away from other children and Kids Company staff will wear appropriate PPE when required, as recommended by Public Health England.
  • If a child, or member of staff, tests positive for COVID-19, all relevant government and Public Health England guidance will be followed.

Children will be grouped in ‘bubbles’, according to guidelines and based on their age. Bubbles will not mix throughout the day.

Each bubble will be allocated a designated area & equipment and have access to their own toilets.

Strict cleaning protocols will be carried out at regular intervals throughout the day.

Kids Company staff with ensure thorough handwashing with running water and soap throughout the day, including on arrival, before and after eating and after using the toilets.

Staff and parents will be asked to maintain strict 2-meter social distancing at all times.

Activities will be taking place outside, weather permitting, and each bubble will have a dedicated indoor space, limiting movement between areas and reducing risk of bubbles mixing.

All resources used will be cleaned with anti-bacterial spray on a daily basis.

No toys will be allowed to be brought in from home.